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Pastor Joe's Testimony


    I was born in 1935, and was saved when I was about 7 or 8 years old, at a revival in Durant, Oklahoma.  I was in and out of church all my life, but in 2001 I dedicated my life to the Lord full time.  I searched for a church to serve in, and could not find one that I felt was right for me.  I was led by the Lord to a Baptist Church in Salem, SC, and became a member, then was ordained an Elder:  Became chairman of the Elders and Church Treasurer, as well as working in the sound/video booth, etc.  I never wanted to be a Pastor or Teacher, as I liked being in the background.

    I was studying the Bible every day, and was discovering that the teaching I was hearing in Church, was not all there was to the Word of God.  Slowly I got revelation of the Bible, and one day was praying to God and thanking Him for giving me understanding of the Bible, from beginning to ending.  Right while I was praising Him, He suddenly spoke to me.  I had always heard that God spoke in a quiet little voice, but this was as if He was standing next to me and speaking right into my ear.  He said "That's great Joe, now teach it to others".  Amazingly, I was not shocked or overcome with awe at His speaking to me, but I just replied, "Okay".

    The next day as I was praying, I told God that there wasn't any Churches around here that would let me teach the word of God as it was in the Bible.  He again spoke to me and said "Then start your own Church".  I told Him that I didn't have enough money to renovate my building into a church, as I was thinking of converting the whole building into a church.  God then said "Use what you have, and when you need more I will give it to you".  I didn't understand what He meant, but I was in the main office area of the building, and when I opened my eyes, I had a vision of the pews and all just as it is now, and then I realized that God was saying to use the main office as a church, as it was already carpeted, heated and air conditioned.

    I then called my daughter and asked her to look in the Iwana paper that I knew she had, and see if there were 6 pews for sale.  Sure enough a church in Henderson County had 6 pews for sale.  I knew this was God, and we drove over and got them.  We needed 3 or 4 nine foot long pews and 2 eight foot pews to fit just right in the space I had.  Guess what?  That is exactly what they had, and they matched the vision that God gave me perfectly.  Then a few days later, my daughter and I were talking about getting a piano for the church, and I looked in the local Mountain Voice newspaper, and there was a piano that was being advertised for free to anyone that wanted it.  So we got a piano for the cost of moving it.

    Now, my reason for relating these things is to let you know that I did not choose to be a Teacher or Pastor of God's Word, but God Himself has called me to this ministry.  As God always does, when you follow Him, He puts His desires into your heart, so now I am excited about being Pastor/Teacher of my church, and the Lord will not call me to do something without blessing it.  God indicated to me that this church would see some real miracles of healing and deliverance.  I am looking forward to seeing the Word of God come to life in our church..

Thanks, and may the Lord bless you and your family!

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