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How we get and spend God's money:


Where money comes from:

1.  Tithes of members and visitors.

2.  The Pastor gives over 20+% of his income.

3.  Occasional gift from others.


How we spend it:

1.  None on wages.

2.  None on rent.

3.  None on property taxes.

4.  Very little on supplies as necessary.

5.  None on insurance.

6.  Pay the monthly Telephone/DSL internet bill.

7.  Pay the electric bill.

8.  Give monthly to Samaritans Purse.

9.  Give monthly to Christians United for Israel.

10. Give monthly to Andrew Womack Ministries.

11. Give supplies & gifts to local nursing home occupants.

12. Give baby clothes & supplies to Women's Center (Pro-life).

13. Give blessings to local people as the Lord leads us.

14. Give food and supplies to needy people in the area.

15. Gave $1500.00 to help build a church in India.

16. Gave $700.00 to help with burial of previous member.

17. Give to local food bank for the hungry.

    The church building and parsonage are owned by the pastor, and although they are leased to the church, he doesn't collect any rent for them, and he pays all expenses of upkeep, maintenance, property taxes, insurance, etc.  The Pastor does not draw any money from the church.  The Pastors daughter and her husband live on the property in his 3 bedroom house, and they serve the Lord in doing the upkeep and maintenance on the buildings and property - Praise God!

    Our whole purpose is to serve our God, and His Son Jesus, in every way we can, and all the Lord's money is given in His name, and to His glory.


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